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Weekly Worship

All of our weekly Sunday worship services, including sermons, are available on our YouTube channel.

Good Friday Presentation

A Good Friday presentation based off the Book of Alternative Services Good Friday


Service.Special thanks to Michael Braley for his rendition of "Were you there when they crucified my Lord"




Stations of the Cross

A meditation by the members of St. Nicholas Birch Cliff Anlgican Church on the Stations of the Cross for Holy Week 2021.

**As noted in the Book of Alternative Service of the Anglican Church of Canada (BAS 309), “the term “the Jews” in St John’s Gospel applies to particular individuals and not to the whole Jewish people. Insofar as we ourselves turn against Christ, we are responsible for his death.” It is in this context that we understand and use the words of the Gospel references here.**

Special Thanks to our stations readers:

Station 1: Barb Cutts Station 2: Dennis Newman Station 3: Pauline Glasgow Station 4: Charlie Cutts Station 5: MaryLynn Reddon-D’Arcy Station 6: Michael Braley Station 7: Suzanne Lehtinen Station 8: Doug Goss Station 9: Joan-Mary Spencer Station 10: Ken Campbell Station 11: Sonia Halloran Station 12: Michael Braley Station 13: Janet Baron Station 14: Fr. Ken Johnstone

*New Revised Standard Edition (NRSV) translation used*


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