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The St. Nick's 'Favourite Hymn' Bracket Challenge

The Final Vote

The challenge is finished, and we have a winner!

Results from Semifinals (Week 10)

This week showed us a pair to two well-fought fights. Here are the results from the last four hymn standing!

Resurrection Round (Week 9) Results

This week, four first-round challengers that lost by the slimmest of margins tried to make a comeback to make it to the Finals. But 224 votes can't be wrong! None of them made it through, but see how close -- or not so close -- they came.

Quarterfinals (Week 8) Results

This week saw more than 300 ballots and 1200 votes cast in the quarterfinals for our favourite hymns. Here’s where those votes have gotten us!

Round 3 (Week 7) Results

Another week done, and another round of hymns eliminated from the challenge. Have a look at these results!

Round 2 (Week 6) Results

“It's getting more difficult to choose!” said one of our participants this week. For sure, Round 2 saw some very fine hymns eliminated from the challenge. Here are the final numbers from week 6….

Round 2 (Week 5) Results

With two close competitions and several runaways, the first half of the second round did not disappoint! Check out the totals here...

Week 4 'Favourite Hymn' Bracket Challenge Results

With these results, the first round is done! This week saw some close battles between a traditional morning hymn and a peaceful evening hymn, as well as the crowning of a beloved Pentecost hymn. Check out the final tallies below!

Week 3 'Favourite Hymn' Bracket Challenge Results

The third week of the bracket challenge saw most of the hymns win by a 2:1 margin -- with two exceptions. One, a vote that was won by just 10 votes, and another hymn that won by the largest margin yet, with 82.6% of the vote in its pairing. Have a look, and see this week's final numbers!

Week 2 'Favourite Hymn' Bracket Challenge Results

The second week of the bracket challenge saw some surprising results, including three hymns that dominated their competition. Here are this week's final numbers.

Week 1 'Favourite Hymn' Bracket Challenge Results

It was a very exciting first week in the 'Favourite Hymn' bracket challenge!  There were some clear winners, and one hymn that barely scraped by with just one vote!  Here are the results. Check back here each week for the latest results, which we'll try to post on Sunday afternoons.