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Round 2, Week 2 results

Posted July 13, 9:42pm
At the end of Round 2, the write-in ballot winner makes it to the final 16, and two justice hymns go down to the wire. See this week’s results here, and get ready for Round 3.

Round 2, Week 1 results

Posted July 6, 2024 @ 9:34pm
Round 2 matches up the 32 winning hymns from the first round. This week's ballot featured eight groups, four of which were decided by ten votes or fewer. See how it all tallied up below!

Round 1, Week 4 results

Posted June 29, 9:54pm
Round 1 came to an end this week, with 46 of the hymns already eliminated. Here are this week's results, which include the wrap-up of the play-in round, and curiously, the tune that was in this round twice -- Orlando Gibbons' Song 1, in groups 27 & 28 -- that ended up with the same result both times.

Round 1, Week 3 results

Posted June 22, 9:32pm
This week’s ballot included some beloved hymns in praise of the Christ’s church, some timeless testaments of personal faith, and the finale of the play-in round “bracket challenge within a bracket challenge.”  Read on to see the results, including the group that set records for the most-voted and least-voted hymns in the (albeit brief) history of the St. Nick’s bracket challenges!

Round 1, Week 2 results

Posted June 15, 9:55pm
The second week offered some interesting competitions including a back-and-forth race on one of the write-in ballots. Here are all the results that are fit to post!

Round 1, Week 1 results

Posted: Sunday June 8, 9:00am.
The results from the first round are in, and there were some very captivating races, right out of the gate! Check out these results, and see the three hymns that missed out just by one or two votes, and the one hymn that got thoroughly defeated!